I never considered myself a Baby Boomer until recently.
All this time, I felt I was younger than the baby boomers and also right behind the hippie movement, the Vietnam war and everything else the boomer’s stood for in the 60’s.

Statistics show the boomer generation births were between 1946 ~ 1964. I was born in 1957, so there is no denying, I’m a Boomer. A late Boomer, but still a Boomer.

So I guess I got that going for me !

A late Boomer’s tale

Growing up in the 60’s, finishing public education and making my way out in this world in the 70’s, and by the 80’s, all Boomer’s including myself were now adults.
Most Boomer’s were now raising children, buying homes and shaping this country to what became the 70’s 80’s and the 90’s.

The suburbs were in full swing and homes were being mass produced. Jobs were abundant with a great demand for housing near these good jobs.the ranch

As a child of the 60’s with many fond memories of my childhood, memories like hanging out with my father, the greatest man that ever lived.
I remember my Dad telling me things like, “Keb, keep your eye on where roads are being built. People, industry, housing and fast food will be sure to follow”.

He didn’t actually say fast food, that’s my sarcastic side, taking a jab at fast food and mini marts, that were now appearing on every corner USA.

I still pay attention to new roads being built. Dad



My Dad was right. I realized he was right, sometime in the 90’s when I now had children of my own. About the time that you accept your own youth is gone and you’re now the provider. Love you Dad! 

So there I was in the 90’s and like my Dad, I’m now a father raising children and heavily involved with selling the american dream.

The early 90’s was a fantastic time to be selling real estate. Now that I can look back, it was the beginning of the end of one of the greatest era’s in modern history. The 90’s right in to Y2K and the first seven or eight years of the 2000’s, real estate and the american dream, was in full force.

90'sphoneBack in the 90’s, entire families would load into my big four door sedan, I’d have my mls book by my side, and off we’d go on a tour of homes throughout the community until we found the perfect home and the american dream, became a reality. 

The new millennium was bringing change. This change was becoming a new way of life and I was so busy I didn’t, make that couldn’t, slow down long enough to really stop and think what in the heck was going on with real estate, the american dream and my career? 

The easy answer is, us boomer’s were now getting old and beginning to retire as a new generation were making their entrance.

So as a tail end boomer, and experiencing the world we live in now, I can’t help thinking, that a 140 years +/-  of the Industrial age, complete with money, power, greed, pollution, world wars and the spoils of victory, was now maybe coming to an end.

 So us Boomer’s have lived, experienced and contributed to the end of the Industrial age, and are now witness to these early years of this new Information age. As I see this next generation emerging and making their way into the market place to buy their homes. I’ve noticed they move at an incredible pace, with an incredible amount of information at their fingertips and they are setting the stage for tomorrow.

It’s actually very exciting to see and experience.

This next millennium with local changes and global changes alike that I see in the market place, real estate as I knew it is changing at a very rapid pace.future housing

I feel privileged to have represented fellow boomer’s with meeting their needs for the past couple of decades and being an important piece to the american dream as we knew it.

I was told by real estate experts early on, try and establish a niche in the market. 

That was never my style. I have always enjoyed working with all people in all price ranges, as they were pursuing their dreams.

23 years later, I might have found a niche without even looking.

The Boomer Niche !

I think we have a database of 76 million +/- Boomer’s out there who will need real estate services in the next decade, complete with downsizing out of the family home, selling their children, their first homes, Alzheimer’s and other medical related reasons for selling, Boomer’s chasing grandchildren, coming, and going. 

I can see it now as us Boomer’s are having a chat while we’re getting ready to put their family home on the market, saying things like; 

“oh the kids these days” and “remember when”?

It’s a Great Life !



I failed to mention how incredible modern architecture, home design
and the modern home became from the 80’s on.
Thank a Boomer



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