A Christmas ~ Real Estate Closing

32 days ago November 18th I was in a Starbucks parking lot when my phone rang and on the other end of the phone was a dear client who has referred me more business than I can even count.

I sold her first home to her years ago, then her sister and other family members and her friends through the years. I feel I’m the family realtor.

On this rainy night in the Starbucks parking lot she told me of another of sister and her husband who have been living in an RV and have been moving from RV Park to RV Park staying their limits in each park until they have to leave. This lifestyle of her sister and husband has been going on for the last 2 years.

As I was hearing their story of living on the road, she also told me that her brother in law was terminally ill and that he did not have much longer to live.

So the sisters had called on me to find a piece of land preferably with a septic tank already installed so they could get their sister and her husband off the road.
And the way it sounded, his illness and condition was going from bad to worse rapidly and the two sisters wanted to get their younger sister and her husband off the road.

I went right to work that evening and found four suitable properties within the price range they requested and the following Monday, November 25th I met one of the sisters and we went to look at the four possible parcels of vacant land that might work for their RV.

Their story had impacted me and I felt obligated to search for and bring along a few properties I had found to include for our tour that had small clean affordable homes on the property with room to also park their RV.
The original request was just a vacant parcel of land with hopefully a septic tank installed so they would not have to travel and become more permanent. But still living in the RV.

So I brought the four additional properties that were for sale that had homes on the property along with the four parcels of land that might work without homes.

I told the sister while driving that I had also brought a few properties that had homes on the property and that spending a few more dollars would get them out of the RV and into a home for the winter.

These four homes were clean and if the husband’s condition was as bad as I was told, let’s at least take a look and see if we can not only get them off the road but also get them out of the RV.
This is a big family with many siblings, kids and grand kids. Typically they will all get together around holidays.

So I found a recreational community where if she agreed, she could invest in a vacation property and have her younger sister become her tenant.

The older sister liked the idea and admitted, she had not thought of that type of scenario.

We spent the afternoon viewing properties and had a lot of fun.

The vacant land parcels were not looking to promising and the few homes we looked at, I could tell my client was getting very motivated with the house idea for both her sister and husband to live, but also, she was getting excited at the thought of having a vacation get away.

Late in the afternoon we pulled up to our last home of the tour, as we pulled up and had not even gotten out of the car, we knew, that we had found the perfect home. It was perfect!Home has detached garage, shed, outbuildings and Covered RV park

924 square foot home that was sitting vacant with an enclosed porch, an RV pad complete with a poured concrete slab, power hook ups and an open canopy style cover for the RV. In addition, a huge detached 2 car garage.
Detached garage makes for a perfect shop.

My client is an artist and she saw tons of value with the many uses she could use for the over sized garage. An additional garden shed with a huge patch of land to garden, and the clincher in this recreational community, a horse shoe pit in the back yard.

We viewed the inside of the home complete with a refrigerator, washer & dryer, 2 full bathrooms and a master bedroom probably 4 times the size of her sisters current sleeping arrangement.

We drove the 45 minutes back to Olympia and discussed a strategy to secure the home. This was Monday afternoon and Thursday was Thanksgiving.

She was also leaving for a 16 day vacation the day after Thanksgiving.

The seller had just reduced the price and my client was going to pay cash.
By Thanksgiving eve we had a mutually accepted contract and the next day November 29th she left for vacation.

I met a home inspector on her behalf while she was on vacation and we had discussions in the evenings around her vacation itinerary. We had the septic pumped and when she returned, we were ready to close and have her take ownership.

I should also mention that the younger sister and her husband knew nothing of what her sister was doing for them.

She signed her documents yesterday and I gave her the keys to her new vacation home today.

This Monday December 23rd, the husband will leave his medical treatments in Seattle and they will be coming south to spend Christmas with the family.

What they don’t know, is they will be parking the RV and will walk across a well manicured front lawn over to a beautiful clean home and be able to enjoy Christmas in their new home.

Wood burning stove in the living room to keep you cozy.

I have been so excited and it has been such a privilege to be a part of what is maybe one of the best Christmas presents I could have ever imagined.


Thank You Ladies ! ~ It’s  great Life !







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