I just had a client ask what the current price per sq ft was in Thurston County ?

my response:

Hello Valued Client

Thanks for checking in !

The average price per sq ft is certainly on the rise in this current market.
When going to place value on any property, I’ve always used the price per sq ft as a base line, and then adjust accordingly with many varying factors.

The current average price per sq ft in  Thurston County

The last (3) years for Thurston County vs our entire MLS.

Thurston County is currently at $156 / sq ft, which will continue to rise.

As the interest rate continues to creep up we’ll begin to see values stabilize, inventories replenish and
the price per sq ft will slow down as well.

Always nice to hear from you Valued Client


It’s a Great Life !
Kevin Lynch
Lynch Group at Greene Realty Group LLC


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