My Blind Seller

While wrapping up my twenty-eighth year of helping people buy and sell homes, I often found myself reflecting on my adventures in real estate thus far.  It’s been a wonderful career on so many levels. No two days are alike because every home, buyer, and seller is unique and, of course, an integral part of how the story will unfold.

Earlier in the summer I was sent a referral from a trusted client. Upon contacting my potential seller, I learned that he was blind.
This was a first for me.
We agreed to meet at his home which he had purchased it over a decade ago and was now looking to scale down.

Our first meeting went well . From the moment I reached out to shake his hand, I sensed that the responsibility to sell his home was certainly going to be unique.

As is customary on my first meeting with a seller, I had him walk me through his home to allow me the opportunity to view the home, jot down notes, and see what might need to be done prior to going to market. While touring his home, he described and pointed out various areas in detail . I marveled at his clarity in describing this home he had never seen.

In our second meeting, we discussed my entire marketing plan, which included where to price the home for market. What became apparent was how much emphasis we both had to rely on with our speech (especially mine) to convey and describe what needed to be discussed. In today’s world, visual images are so much of my presentation: the ads, the flyers, the photos for the web. With him, my words now needed to paint pictures that usually my videos or photographs conveyed.

The experience compelled me to reach deeper for ideal descriptions.  I found myself speaking slower than I would normally speak and with more detail, thereby making sure he understood exactly what I was proposing. The experience raised my expectations for my work higher than I could have ever imagined. Our exchange went very well, and he chose to hire me.

A few weeks after going to market, we accepted an offer for the home. We are currently in the pending process and on our way to closing. Though the home inspection was successful, the inspector did note that most every light in the home needed bulbs to be replaced. The inspector and I got to share an understanding over just how tough it would be to be moving through this life with no sight.

All in all, I was amazed by my seller’s capability despite his challenges. I felt grateful for my own ability to see, which is something I usually take for granted. Throughout the entire experience, his attitude never wavered and that meant everything. What an inspiration! The sale of his home is about to close, and I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity to challenge myself in ways I would not have been pushed to if not for him. When you’ve been doing this if I have, the sequence of events can get predictable and comfortable. This seller pushed me to stretch myself in new ways that have left me with fresh energy and enthusiasm for the work that I do.


As always, If you or your friends and family need any real estate services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


It’s a Great Life !
Kevin Lynch
Lynch Group at Greene Realty Group LLC



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