Early in my real estate career I had some extra time on my hands, so I began to build spreadsheets for my business. The spreadsheets I created were very basic, but I spent a great deal of time working with the data that came from my work selling homes. Through this process, I have remained very aware of the amount of homes I was selling. I have sold 675 properties (units). I use this number – 675 – as motivation to continue building my business and as encouragement to sell more homes.

In selling these 675 properties, I either represented a seller or a buyer. After 25 years in this business, one might think I would find myself drawn more to working with either buyers or with sellers; but as it turns out, my representation is split almost exactly down the middle. Assisting both buyers and sellers has gifted me with unique, enjoyable, and rewarding experiences.


Lynch Group Sales 2015

This was a fun and active year. Please take a look at some of these beautiful homes that I helped to sell. 

This map represents half (about 22) of the homes I sold to buyers, and on behalf of sellers, in 2015.

Buyer and Sellers Map 2015

Red Balloons: The homes sold while representing buyers.  Yellow Houses: The homes sold while representing sellers.

These are 11 of the beautiful homes I sold in 2015, while representing sellers:

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