Exceeding 20 years, more importantly succeeding for more than 20 years in this industry, there are certain industry standards about the business.
Some no longer work, and some in my opinion, have never worked. Let me drill a little deeper. They never worked for me. Or being even more truthful, Maybe I just never saw myself doing certain things to sell a home. 

The last thing I want to do is capture a lead. If you have browsed my website it actually reeks of not trying to capture a lead. You’re Welcome! ~ Cold calling, floor duty, open houses, or working on a Sunday and being away from my own family never really appealed to me.

 I grasped the industry standards early on not really knowing any better. Sure I made a cold call or two, there was also a time I worked on Sundays. This is what you do as you’re building a business.
I was always pouring more of myself into what I loved most about the business and in doing so my business model evolved.
There are in fact industry standards, but yet I was able to create my own. Buyer’s and sellers will always need our services when buying or selling their homes.







The stuff I love about the real estate business;

  • Meeting you

  • Having a hand in the enjoyment of home ownership with you, treating you like I would want to be treated.  My Dad hammered the “Golden Rule” into us. Thanks Pops !

  • A typical real estate transaction has a lot of balls in the air and I love to juggle.

  • Repeat business. I already know when I meet you it’s forever, if I have anything to say or do about it.

I could continue on promoting myself and my many skills, but, that is what we in the industry call marketing, and yes I have done my fair share through the years. I might add, some of the most fun I’ve had, comes from the marketing arm of my business.
The industry is now awfully high tech and extremely fast.  Maybe too fast. This is a very large decision. Slow down, gather your facts, get in a comfortable working relationship with your agent and enjoy the process. The buying and selling of your home is only going to happen a hand full of times in your life.

Homes will always need to be bought and sold.  There s an entire industry built around homeownership. Rightly so.

It’s a Great Life !


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