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The 90 Day Window

This evening I’m going to list a past clients home and take it to market. They are wonderful loyal clients. I sold them a home in 1995, then sold that home for them in 2002 and represented them on their move up dream home also in 2002. 11 years later they have raised their children, he has retired, and they want to move back to Oregon.

The listing contract I will have them sign will be a 90 day contract. With the right price on their home and the inconvenience of putting your home on the market, you do not want to exceed 90 days of having your real estate agent in your life if at all possible.

My marketing, the price and overall strategy in getting their home sold is presented to my seller with 90 days in mind.austin-luxury-homes

90 Days.

That would be 3 months with the old math, or a quarter of any given year.

90 days out of someone’s life is a pretty good chunk of time. So if 90 days is a good chunk of time, 180 days or nearing a full year can be an absolute eternity for Mr. and Mrs. Seller.

With my initial meeting with sellers (and buyer’s), I try to engage them with the entire process of getting their home sold or finding a buyer their dream home, or the complete real estate transaction, start to finish, organized into 90 day window.

Are there exceptions to the 90 day window? of course. This is simply a strategy and goal for everyone. Especially you the seller.

I have yet to meet a seller who does not have an agenda. It might be a job transfer, it might be they have already found their dream home, but can’t buy that home until the home they’re living in sells.

Motivation will also sway the 90 day window one way or the other .

In the bigger real estate picture, a 90 day average market time in any real estate market is what some experts would call a “balanced market.”

When average market times start coming in below 90 days, the market begins to shift towards a sellers market. When the average market times starts exceeding 90 days, the shift now becomes a buyer’s market.

The 90 day window will make your agent a hero. I’ve had my fair share of the 365 day or longer relationships and my old saying used to be to the seller,

“In trying to get your home sold, I’ve known you longer now, than some of my own children”.

Build your real estate experience around 90 days and It should be a wonderful experience.

Oh and by the way ! ~ 90 days from the date of this blog post is December 25th. Don’t worry, no Christmas ads on this blog 90 days early. I’ll leave that to big retail.

Good Luck
It’s a great life !


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