Many people believe that springtime is the best time to sell a property. The truth is, there is no bad time to sell a home. If a home is priced correctly for current market conditions, most homes should sell within 90 days – during any time of the year. When buyers or sellers are active during the holiday season, that usually means they are serious and need to get the job done, which makes even holiday season a good time to sell a home. As long as buyers and sellers are committed and active, selling homes can happen no matter the time of the year.

Tax Assessed Value

Tax assessed value has very little bearing on what sellers will, or can, receive for their home. The tax assessed value and its formula is designed solely for taxation. It is true that fresh real estate sales greatly influence value, since a large portion of the taxed value is determined by real estate sales reported to the county, at the time of recording. Tax assessed value is a good starting point when meeting with a potential seller about the worth of their home, but it’s really just a guideline (nothing more). The more important topics that relate to a home’s value involve the neighborhood, the condition of the home, but most importantly, the current market conditions and what the market will bare.

Realtors are “Overpaid”

The gross commission of a topproducing agent can be staggering. Many real estate agents gross over $250,000 per year. Real estate is not for everyone and requires long hours, but it is an honest living and the pay is relative to how hard one works. In defense of this amazing business, helping someone buy or sell a home is far from selfserving. To the contrary, the level of service buyers and sellers need from a real estate professional within a transaction is a tall, sometimes stressful order. The amount of money people are spending is substantial and the real estate professional needs to understand the magnitude of the decisions buyers and sellers are making, or are about to make.  A buyer is seeking a lifestyle and a seller is selling one. These parties are brought together and negotiate through the highest level of service real estate professionals can provide. Buyers and sellers particularly want this aspect of buying or selling a home to go smoothly and in their favor.

Another advantage to using a realtor is that they understand the nuances of a home’s condition and will usually have great recommendations, knowledge, and solutions to issues affecting the condition and mechanics of a home. They also understand the importance of the land these homes sit on and are aware of the impact and importance of surveys, easements, drainage, and property corners the home sits on. Agents also need to understand the banking, financing, escrows, title, utilities even information about local schools, local economies, and resale knowledge in order to adequately find and sell homes. It is an industry with a high level of demand on the service provided by real estate professionals.

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