I was four years old in 1961 when the red car electric train from LA to Long Beach stopped running.
This footage of Los Angeles in 1961,  is the LA I was raised in as a child.

To see this footage now in 2014, 53 years later and what has become of Los Angeles and the decision to not build from the red line and create a mass transit for Los Angeles then would have changed so much about the city of Los Angeles.

What is done is done I suppose !

Southern California in the early 60’s was also  a land where the convertible, cruising and our fascination with cars was just getting under way.

The real irony is, I type this post from Olympia Washington and currently my oldest daughter who was born and raised in Olympia, now works and lives downtown Los Angeles in the fashion district. Two blocks from where the red car electric train departed and arrived.


What will my daughters LA look like in 53 years ?






Covina looking west towards Los Angeles. My hometown until I turned 18.

may Co



walked to a Dodger game 9.29.13




It’s a Great Life !

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