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Tumwater is home to “its the water” the Olympia brewery(new(er) brewery). I believe is still sitting vacant and for sale.

The original brewery was purchased a few years back and the new owner were told, has plans to renovate.
Both breweries front the Deschutes river which travels from the southeast of Thurston Co and makes its way to the Puget Sound just north beyond the brewery.

The river rages at the brewery and is quite scenic. 

With Micro brews making the scene and a building that has been for sale for a decade, I have always thought the land holds so much value.

A river walk with retail space with an emphasis on trails, the river, biking, a tourist attraction with lodging.
Tumwater is just south of our Capitol and most sought after for the school system and many areas for someone looking for privacy on an acre, or five acres.

 Tumwater also has Tumwater Hill which shares older vintage homes, mid century and new construction for the absolute best urban living there is.

Location ~ Location ~ Location

 Tumwater Snapshot



Avg Days



on Market







2013 Sales


Thurston Co




Sales 2013



% of Market

  • Least expensive sale in Tumwater for 2013 ~ $40,100

  • Most expensive sale in Tumwater for 2013 ~ $575,000

  • Tumwater Home Sales in 2013 made up 11.6% of the 2013 Thurston Co residential real estate market

  • The median price in Tumwater 2013 came in +3.8% higher than the 2013 median price home in Thurston Co 


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